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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review: The Highlander's Bargain by Barbara Longley / @barbaralongley

Title: Loch Moigh #2: The Highlander's Bargain
Author: Barbara Longley
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Publisher: Montlake Romance
Release Date: July 8, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Historical Medieval, Time Travel, Romance
ARC Received From: NetGalley

Before he can settle down, blond-haired, blue-eyed Robley of clan MacKintosh needs to taste true adventure. So when the faerie Madame Giselle asks him to retrieve her stolen property in exchange for two enchanted tokens that will whisk him across the centuries, he jumps at the chance.

Nurse and future midwife Erin Durie is broke and alone, thanks to a roommate who skipped town and the psychic gifts that make relationships too intense and painful to bear. Then a kilted man magically drops into her arms, looking for a guide to the twenty-first century, and she can’t deny the attraction. But magical treachery soon throws open time’s portal once more—and puts a blade to Robley’s throat. Now Erin must decide where—or when—her healing powers can do the most good…and whether she can live without her handsome Highlander.

In the second thrilling Novel of Loch Moigh, award-winning author Barbara Longley delivers more of the action, adventure, and romance that began in the pulse-pounding True to the Highlander.

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Robley knows it's time to settle down and have a family, but he can't. Not yet. His love for adventure and his desire to see the future are the catalysts for this story. Truly, if he didn't crave adventure like he did, he wouldn't have been so willing to visit a Faerie. Robley's fall through time lands him in Erin's part of America during a Renaissance Faire. He discovers, fairly quickly, that his tutelage in Modern America wasn't for nothing as he adapts to his surroundings. His appearance, walk, talk, and mannerisms change as he settles into Erin's world though not completely. Old habits die hard and he is a warrior with a warrior's instinct to claim and protect what is his. And Erin... Well, she's his.

Erin has no clue what to do with a Medieval warrior, much less one as sexy as Robley, but she does her best. They settle into a routine in her apartment and she helps him explore her world 'til his heart's content. Her life wasn't easy and she's had her fair share of disappointments, all of which have led to the walls she's built around her heart and her decision not to expect much from anyone. Except the more time she spends with Robley, the more those walls crack, the more she wants to expect and have more with him. But how? He's leaving and she has plans that don't include traveling back in time with him, no matter how much her heart says it's the right thing to do.

Robley and Erin's story is quite a journey. There are walls to tear down, understandings to reach, and goals to accomplish before they can really and truly be together. Even then, they face the unthinkable: separation. God, that was a heartbreaking scene. To be together in the present and the past only to flung apart because the Faerie King says they can't? Completely gut wrenching, but worth reading. Don't skip that part of their story. If you've never experienced forced separation in a story before, you will and it is tear inducing.

Time travel romances have the potential to be incredible stories or epic fails. For me, there isn't an in-between for these kinds of stories. The differences between time periods are a shock to the characters, and I need to see and feel that as I read. Ms. Longley did a marvelous job of making sure the differences are well described by Robley and Erin, and that they were compared, mourned, enjoyed, and accepted. All of that and more was accomplished in this heartwarming story about finding love in the most unexpected time and place.

Barbara grew up in a litter of five, and she and her siblings were each born in a different state. Moving around so frequently, she learned early on how to entertain herself with stories. As an adult, she has lived on a commune in the Appalachians, taught on an Indian reservation, and traveled from coast to coast. When her own children came along, Ms. Longley decided to try something new—staying put. She has made Minnesota her home ever since.

By day, Barbara teaches young children how to read. She holds a Masters in Education, and has taught elementary education for many years. By night, she likes to explore things mythical, metaphysical, and paranormal. Much of what she learns makes its way into her stories, where all things are possible. While she loves teaching, reading and writing are her passions.

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