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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: The Red Wolf's Prize by Regan Walker / @RegansReview

Title: Medieval Warriors, Book 1: The Red Wolf's Prize
Author: Regan Walker
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: October 1, 2014
Genre: Historical, Medieval, Romance
ARC Received From: Regan Walker


Sir Renaud de Pierrepont, the Norman knight known as the Red Wolf for the beast he slayed with his bare hands, hoped to gain lands with his sword. A year after the Conquest, King William rewards his favored knight with Talisand, the lands of an English thegn slain at Hastings, and orders him to wed Lady Serena, the heiress that goes with them.


Serena wants nothing to do with the fierce warrior to whom she has been unwillingly given, the knight who may have killed her father. When she learns the Red Wolf is coming to claim her, she dyes her flaxen hair brown and flees, disguised as a servant, determined to one day regain her lands. But her escape goes awry and she is brought back to live among her people, though not unnoticed by the new Norman lord.

Deprived of his promised bride, the Red Wolf turns his attention to the comely servant girl hoping to woo her to his bed. But the wench resists, claiming she hates all Normans.

As the passion between them rises, Serena wonders, can she deny the Norman her body? Or her heart?

Serena's dislike of all Normans was obvious from when she was first introduced, and it took a great amount of courage to take on the appearance of a servant in order to flee her intended bridegroom, the notorious Red Wolf. But Renaud wasn't so easily swayed from his reason for coming to Talisand. His intended is absent but the lovely servant girl who was captured trying to flee will do for warming his bed, if he can convince her to join him there. Little does he know that she and Lady Serena are one and the same.

Renaud and Serena's story is one terrific tug of war romance. He is determined to wed and bed the beautiful Serena, not just on a king's command but because he wants to, but he has his hands full with trying to win her trust and change her view of Normans. Serena, on the other hand, is every inch the stubborn female I expected her to be. She meets Renaud on the battlefield of emotions, shields up and weapons drawn. The way they danced around their feelings for one another was amazing and so beautifully written. Kiss after kiss, touch after touch, whisper after whisper, Renaud broke down Serena's defenses until she laid her heart at his feet, a willing bride, a treasured prize to the Red Wolf.

This was a delightful story to read. Aside from Renaud and Serena, the cast of secondary characters were amazing with stories just as deep and complicated as the main characters'. Will there be more? Yes, thankfully!

Ms. Walker has done a wonderful job in the execution and presentation of this story. The writing is spot on, the pace smooth and even. There isn't any rushing a story like this. It's a story that deserves to be savored, appreciated, read more than once, and shared.

I am an avid reader/reviewer of historical romance. And, since 2012, I am a published author.

My novels are Regencies, the Agents of the Crown trilogy, which feature dashing heroes who take on special assignments for a demanding Prince Regent; and medievals, beginning with THE RED WOLF'S PRIZE, to be released October 1st, 2014.

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