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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review: The Laird by Grace Burrowes / @SourcebooksCasa @GraceBurrowes

Title: Captive Hearts, Book 3: The Laird
Author: Grace Burrowes
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Release Date: September 2, 2014
Genre: Historical, Regency, Romance
ARC Received From: NetGalley
Reviewed For: Sourcebooks

He left his bride to go to war... 

After years of soldiering, Michael Brodie returns to his Highland estate to find that the bride he left behind has become a stranger. Brenna is self-sufficient, competent, confident-and furious about Michael's prolonged absence.

Now his most important battle will be for her heart 

Brenna is also hurt, bewildered, and tired of fighting for the respect of those around her. Michael left her when she needed him most, and then stayed away even after the war ended. Nonetheless, the young man who abandoned her has come home a wiser, more patient and honorable husband. But if she trusts Michael with the truths she's been guarding, he'll have to choose between his wife and everything else he holds dear.

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This is Michael's tale and it was, admittedly, harder to read than the others in this series.

From the beginning, there was this darkness that lingered over Brenna. The more I read, the more my heart wept for her. It wasn't over the way Michael abandoned her so soon after marrying her. It was the secrets she kept, the depravity of a man she should have been able to trust while her husband was off to war, and the loneliness she felt because of the burdens she carried.

I love strong fictional women, especially those who are strong in spirit. They cannot be broken, will not kowtow to anyone, will not hide in the shadows to save face. Brenna is that kind of woman. She stood strong no matter how much the her misdeeds weighed on her. She carried on and gave being laird by proxy her everything.

Michael couldn't have chosen a better woman to be his wife. After years campaigning abroad, he returns to his wife, clan, and castle to find a lot has changed. Families that were there have left. Brenna's grown in a beautiful but secretive woman. The villagers despise his wife. His Uncle Angus and Brenna no longer get along. Ten years away was ten years too long.

They say patience is a virtue and that good things come to those who wait. Michael's willingness to exhibit those two things toward Brenna paid off. He gained her trust, her love, and access to one of the secrets she kept. The other secret... That's what made this story hard to read. The depravity of mankind toward those weaker, smaller, and younger is an important part of Brenna's history and is the basis of the discord between her and Angus. It was heartbreaking when Michael discovered it. The anger, hurt, and disgust he felt was so intense I could feel it through my ereader. And each time I thought of it, of him discovering it, my heart broke again.

But you know what? It was worth it. Everything I felt while reading this book was worth experiencing. A definite recommendation for anyone looking for a historical Regency romance with amazing characters, mystery, intrigue, and (of course) an awesome happy ending. 

Grace Burrowes grew up in central Pennsylvania and is the sixth out of seven children. She discovered romance novels when in junior high (back when there was a such a thing), and has been reading them voraciously ever since. Grace has a bachelor's degree in Political Science, a Bachelor of Music in Music History, (both from The Pennsylvania State University); a Master's Degree in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University; and a Juris Doctor from The National Law Center at The George Washington University. Her debut novel The Heir was chosen as a Publishers Weekly Top Five Romances for 2010, and is the first in an eight-sibling historical romance series published by Sourcebooks Casablanca.

Grace writes Georgian, Regency, Scottish Victorian and contemporary romances in both novella and novel lengths. She’s a member of Romance Writers of America and Novelist, Inc. and enjoys giving workshops and speaking at writer’s conferences.

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