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Monday, February 23, 2015

Excerpt: Secret Harbor by Anna Sullivan / @ForeverRomance @asullivanbooks

Title: Windfall Island #3: Secret Harbor
Author: Anna Sullivan
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing: Forever
Release Date: February 24, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Romance


Ten years ago, Paige Walker left her beloved home of Windfall Island to become an actress in Hollywood. Now she's coming back a star, honored with awards and beset by scandal. Escaping from a tabloid frenzy of gossip and lies, Paige wants nothing more than to surround herself with old friends. She never expected to meet an infuriating-and sexy-stranger . . . or to find herself in true danger.

Brilliant attorney Alec Barclay came to Windfall to look for the kidnapped, long-lost heir to the Stanhope family fortune. What he finds is the most beautiful and enigmatic woman he has ever known. If his suspicions are correct, she's the heir he's been looking for . . . and the target of a deadly conspiracy. Drawn together by desire-but haunted by secrets of the past-Alec and Paige try to unlock a mystery as dangerous as it is irresistible. But every passion has a price . . .

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“Maybe we could call a truce while I’m here.”

“Okay,” she said dubiously.

“What’s wrong? Can’t control yourself around me?”

She huffed out a slight laugh. “So much for the truce.”

Alec stuffed his hands in his pockets, ashamed for the first time in as long as he could recall. He just couldn’t seem to stop poking at her.

“You want to coexist,” she continued, “but how are we going to do that peacefully until you figure out why you’re such a jerk—your word—to me. And before you say anything, I’ll admit that I overstepped the other night in the Horizon.”

And just like that Alec flashed back to that moment, to the heat of her, the scent of her. Her mouth had been all but pressed to his, so close he’d sworn he could taste her, dark and sweet as brandy on his tongue. He’d almost closed that breath of distance, and to hell with everything else.

“It won’t happen again.”

“Huh?” Alec said as he checked back into the conversation.


“I said it won’t happen again. I won’t tease you anymore.”

And that should have relieved him. Less temptation meant more control for him. So why did he feel a little panicky, all of a sudden?

“I’m attracted to you, which is why I let you get to me,” Paige continued, sending his pulse galloping. “But you’re right, we need to keep our distance.”

“When did I say that?”

“You say it every time you snipe at me. You’re pushing me away because you’re attracted to me and you don’t want to be.”

“Now you’re a psychologist?” he grumbled.

“No, but I’ve made a study of people, why they do what they do. It helps me in my work.”

“So you get to tell me how I feel?”

“No.” Paige shoved her hands back through her hair, clearly frustrated. “I’m trying to tell you how I feel.”

“You’re attracted to me,” he said, easing around the sofa.

She started to back away, then deliberately held her ground, her chin lifting in deliberate acceptance of his challenge. “Yes.”

Alec kept walking toward her, slowly. “But I don’t have to worry about it because you’re going to keep your distance.”

“Yes. It’s my problem.”

“Is it?” He jerked her against him, swallowed her startled gasp by taking her mouth. The very air seemed to ignite, the fire racing over his skin, burning through his blood, searing his thoughts so there was only the flavor of her, sweet and intoxicating, the feel of her against him, sleek muscle and soft flesh.

He framed her face, slipped his hands back to scatter the pins she’d used to pile up her hair so the cool, heavy mass of it rained down her back.


“Don’t,” he said. Don’t talk, don’t shatter the mood, he thought, and dived back in.

She met him, more than halfway, twined her arms around his neck, laid her long, slim curves against him, and poured herself into the kiss with a sexy little purr.
Grand Central Publishing: Forever © 2015 Anna Sullivan

Anna Sullivan was born and raised in southeastern Michigan, the seventh of nine children, whose claim to fame was reading five books a week in grade school. Needless to say, her obsession with the written word only grew from there--despite a short, and misguided, foray into the world of computer science (the "sensible" job path). She still lives in Michigan, with her husband, three children and two dogs whose life of leisure she envies but would never be able to pull off.

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