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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Review: Feral Seduction by Liv Brywood / @LivBrywood

Title: Feral Seduction
Series & Book #: Feral Protectors #2
Author: Liv Brywood
Publisher: Phantom Monkey Productions
Release Date: March 31, 2015
ARC Received From: Liv Brywood

Forced to take refuge in an abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods, Brandy thinks she's finally escaped her stalker. But she quickly realizes, she's not alone. An unimaginably sexy, and very naked, man appears in the middle of the night to offer her protection. She's captivated by his stormy eyes, until she learns his dark secret. She knows she could never tame him, but when he makes the ultimate sacrifice for her, she knows she can't live without him. The more he tries to resist her, the more she wants him and for once in her life, she intends to get what she wants.
Stryde, the reclusive alpha wolf of the Dark Moon Pack, doesn't believe in love. Fate claimed the life of his mate and he refuses to spend more than a few nights with any woman. But when he meets Brandy, she turns his world inside out. Haunted by the failures of his past, he's compelled to help her. Even though he wants to return to his reclusive life, he can't. Her dangerously sexy curves and feral seduction awaken his body, but he can't offer her more than a few nights of fleeting pleasure. There isn't a woman in the world that can heal his shattered soul.

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I've read shifter romances before and I've come to expect the hero and heroine to be a certain way, for the storyline to follow a certain formula, and for some things never to happen.

Stryde and Brandy were not what I expected. Don't get me wrong. Stryde had the makings of a great Alpha, but his brokenness was preventing him from being one. At first, I didn't appreciate that kind of "humanity" in him. After all, most Alphas I've read about who have lost a mate bottle up all that emotion and maintain their Alpha position. They don't leave to deal with the pain. Yet, as the story went on, my appreciation for his feelings and emotions grew. They helped him connect with Brandy on more than a primal level. They shared an emotional connection because they'd both loved and lost someone. And while Brandy didn't lose a mate, she still lost her parents, one who abandoned her, and the other to the bottom of a bottle and then jail. But loss is loss, and she felt that pain as deeply as Stryde felt his own for his dead mate.

At some point, I began to lose hope that these two would ever be more than bed mates. There was the sense of urgency in making sure Brandy was safe from her stalker as well as settling the discord in Stryde's pack. Add to that Brandy's transformation from human to werewolf and Stryde's initial refusal to get involved with her because of the heartache he was dealing with, it was hard for me to really see a future for these two.

But don't worry. *smiles* All my doubts were laid to rest by Stryde and Brandy's strength and perseverance. They made changes in order to be happy. For Stryde that meant learning to let go and let himself love again. For Brandy that meant relocating and helping Stryde through his heartache. In the end, their love for one another helped them heal and had them seeing more than their present situation but also a happy future.

Well written and extremely detailed, there wasn't a paragraph of this story that I couldn't visual or feel. Ms. Brywood has an incredible talent of painting a picture with her words, of making her characters' emotions and thoughts bleed through the pages, of making this reader want to know more about this series and these incredible characters.

Liv Brywood is the best-selling author of the paranormal romance series, Feral Protectors. She loves writing about curvy women and sexy werewolves. She lives in Orange County, CA with her husband and countless freshwater fish. She can be reached on her website and she loves chatting on Facebook.

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  1. Jamie Graham BrewerMarch 31, 2015 at 3:04 PM

    This was an awesome shifter book. I love a book I don't want to put down until it is finished. Liv you rock. Looking forward to more of your books.