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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Review: Aconite by Christine Alvarez / @W_I_Promos @author_alvarez

Title: Elektita Series, Book 1: Aconite
Author: Christine Alvarez
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: January 12, 2015
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
ARC Received From: Wickedly Innocent Promotions

Who knew a truck stop post card would send Alexis Davis’s life spiraling into a supernatural destiny predicted lifetimes before.

Gods, Magic, Fated Love; it was nothing that the shy, quiet Alexis ever could have imagined existed.

Alexis had no desire to take over the family business or follow in her mother’s footsteps, so armed with her life savings and a fresh tattoo she takes off to the quaint little fishing port of Reedsport, Oregon; where she meets two men that awaken something frightening within her very soul.

Dominant and dark Sebastian Gates and the sleek and sexy Jonathan Evans pull her into a life where the lines between her past, present and future become one.

When they both begin to take part in the dreams that she has drawn comfort from, Alexis learns that none of them are really what they seem. But they are not the only ones; she quickly finds others that play an intricate part in what has come to pass and what is coming. If that wasn’t enough the tattoo that she had placed across her chest has taken on a life of its own. Leaving her in pain beyond anything she has ever experienced before. Through her dreams and the men that cannot help but complicate her life further, Alexis learns that she has a target on her head that has carried over from one life to the next.

A dark coven of witches known as the Elektita believe she is the one that will restore their powers taken by the Gods long ago. A prophecy set in motion by her very own family line. There is one problem; her destiny has put a wrench in the Elektita’s plans, somehow intertwining within a curse that leaves everyone around her at the mercy of the moon. 

Who can Alexis trust? The two men that have despised each other for centuries or the powerful Elektita that wants nothing more than to wield the power of the Gods? 

What if everything you thought you knew about yourself ended up being half-truths? What if you discovered the life you now lived was only one of many? What would you do if the chance to learn more about yourself presented itself? Would you take it? Would you want to take it?

If my life weren't as complicated as Alexis', I would. But if I lived her life, I'm not so sure.

Alexis is a walking, talking, living, breathing complication. At first, I was super confused as to who she was, what she was about, why she was going to Reedsport, and the importance of her wolfsbane tattoo. But my confusion disappeared as I continued read. She literally fell apart because of everything she experienced after the move. I thought she was going crazy. The dreams, her feelings, her emotions, everything felt like it was coming undone. But then, right when it felt like she hit rock bottom and would stay submerged in a pool of confusion, everything started coming together and making sense.

This story was a nice blend of paranormal and fantasy. The men who love her are wolves. The women who want her dead are witches. Their entwined pasts have spanned centuries and several lifetimes. There's mystery, suspense, lust and love as Alexis navigates a past and a present that are slow to make sense.

I will warn you that this is a cliffhanger even though it is a full-length novel. It moves slow, has more narrative than dialogue (some of which felt unnecessary), and is only told from Alexis' POV. But it is an intriguing story, one that paves the way to what I hope will be a spectacular Book 2.

I am Christine Alvarez, mother of four spectacular hoodlums and married to the man of my dreams. We all currently reside in my home state of Missouri. When I am not writing I spend my spare time as a chauffeur, maid, cook, and everything in between. 

I am addicted to Dr. Pepper and chocolate. They are my vices and lend a large hand in getting the creative juices flowing. I write anything from paranormal romance to erotica. I am a sucker for romance whether it is the kind with a happily ever after or burned and broken end. You will find my work covers those gray areas in between as well.

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