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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Excerpt: Cross My Heart by K.D. Friedrich / @indisagepromo @kdfriedrich_

Title: Cross My Heart
Series: The Heart Falls Heroes, Book 1
Author: K.D. Friedrich
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Release Date: January 19, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Military (Post), Romance

Pete Cross is struggling with the emotional and physical scars of war, the last thing he needs is to find himself attracted to the one woman he shouldn’t want … his best friend’s sister. K.D. Friedrich is pleased to present Book 1 of her new series, The Heart Falls Heroes. Cross My Heart takes you on a poignant journey of loyalty, love, and above all, the healing power of second chances.

Struggling with the emotional and physical scars of war, Marine Pete Cross returns to his hometown, Heart Falls, New York, bitter and broken. The last person he wants to see is the stubborn tomboy from his past, Cara Sands. The guy code of ethics demands he keep his hands to himself where his best friend’s sister is concerned, but Cara never got that memo. Apparently, neither did Pete’s libido, because his desire for her is stronger than ever.

Cara has no clue where the man she loves went, but she’ll do whatever it takes to bring him back. Pete tries to push Cara away with bitterness and anger, but she yanks him right back with understanding and patience. Her persistence drags them closer to an outcome that might destroy them both or show him, once and for all, the power of second chances.


Pete’s anger hit the limit. “You want to know why I was with Cara?” He spun on John. “For the first time in years, I felt alive. She breathes life into me. Makes me want to fly, but at the same time, she brings me to my damn knees. With her, the buzz in my head, all the pain, and the agonizing ache right here,” he said, pounding his fist above his heart, “doesn’t exist. You want to know if I love her? My life is nothing without her. I fell in love with her fifteen years ago, man. I have loved her every day since, and I will love her until the day I die. I’ve been a fucking coward. I held back, not wanting to disrespect you or Pop, figuring she was better off without me. Instead, I hurt her. I’ve lost so much. I can’t lose her, John. You can either accept her and me together or move the fuck out of the way, because I’m not giving her up for anyone.” He swiped his shirt from the floor.

John ogled him. For a second, Pete thought he spotted the corner of John’s lip start to lift, before it fell flat once again. “You love my sister? You fucking love her. So you’ve been lying to me for fifteen years.”

“No … I’ve been lying to myself, forcing myself to believe I can live without her. After last night, I’m through pretending. I won’t give her up.”

John shook his head. “Why didn’t you tell her that before she ran out of here? She was pretty mad when she left.”

“I wasn’t ready to burst out with the big L word, bro. Not in front of you, at least. I know I messed up … again.”

“She’s one stubborn woman. You’re gonna have to beg for forgiveness.”

Pete lifted his chin. “So are you.” He watched John for a second.

“Yeah, but I’m her brother. She expects me to act like an asshole.”
Liquid Silver Books © 2015 K.D. Friedrich

K. D. Friedrich is a writer of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. By day, she crunches numbers, but by night, she's busy creating interesting worlds and compelling characters, hot alpha heroes being her favorite. In 2013, she placed second in the Golden Palm contest for Paranormal Romance. She's an overprotective mother (her daughter's words), lifelong New Yorker, and an obsessed reader of everything romance.

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