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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: The Unyielding Bachelor by Miranda P. Charles / @MirandaPCharles

Title: The Unyielding Bachelor
Series: Captured by Love, Book 2
Author: Miranda P. Charles
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: May 19, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
ARC Received From: Miranda P. Charles

He has to stay away from her. 

Thirty-year-old entrepreneur Rick Donnelly is under contract to remain unattached until his fifteen-year-old half-sister turns twenty-one. If he breaks the rules, not only will he have to hand over the management of his half-sister's substantial inheritance to his reckless stepmother, but he'll also have to transfer twenty percent ownership of his company to the untrustworthy woman. When the tempting Lexie Mead decides to knock down his heart's defenses, he finds himself in danger of breaking the contract's strict conditions—something he simply cannot afford to do. 

She intends to win his heart. 

Twenty-six-year-old Lexie Mead has long had feelings for the hunky Rick Donnelly. Tired of being treated as just another one of his friends, she sets out to win his heart from prettier and more aggressive women admirers. But Rick has complications to deal with... and enemies who will do anything to see him fail. She doesn't want him to lose the things he's worked hard to keep. But how can they have a future together when she is forced to walk away and Rick can't ask her to stay?

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Oh god. I got all weepy and sniffly reading this story. Then I got pissed and swore and had to kick my kids out of my room so they don't go around repeating what I said. I'm totally all for stories that tug at my heart and make me feel for the characters, but, damn it, I should be able to read more than a dozen or pages without being on one end or the other of the emotional spectrum, right?

But that's what makes Ms. Charles' stories some of my favorites. They're engaging, humorous, and realistic. Those three elements coupled with incredible characters is what pulls me into her stories and keeps me there.

Rick and Lexie deserved to be together but couldn't for a reason initially unknown to Lexie. Once the truth was told, their relationship was on the Bullet Train to happily ever after. Well, not really. Their relationship had to be kept under wraps, and they snuck around to steal moments together to ensure that no one they were seeing one another. Of course, everything that's in darkness will eventually be brought to light. While they did damage control to keep their secret safe, Rick came across new information that devastated him and almost ruined what he and Lexie had.

I don't think "suspense" or "mystery" when I think of Ms. Charles' books. She is clearly a romance author who writes in the contemporary genre, and her stories are always about couples finding their way into the arms of their beloved. The suspense and bit of mystery she added to this story was a really nice surprise. It was one of those "Just when you thought it couldn't get any better!" moments.

Ms. Charles continues to surprise me with the stories she tells and how she tells them. Everyone deserves a happy ending. Lucas and Jade got theirs first, Rick and Lexie second. Carter's next and I wonder what adventure he'll go on to get his.

Ever since I was a young teenager, I have loved reading romance novels.  My auntie used to send me boxes of her books and I would devour them one after another.

Every so often, I would read a mystery or a suspense or a paranormal novel as I love those genres too. But romance is still my favourite. :)

For many years, I wrote technical and non-fiction materials for professional use and had only dreamt about writing a novel. Then, one day, after a period of binge-reading sexy romances, I decided to sit in front of my computer and start writing my first fiction book. The result? My first novel in the hot and sexy Lifestyle by Design series. After that, I knew that I would love to tell more beautiful love stories through my books.

I live in Sydney, Australia with my amazing husband who lovingly cheers me on (and yes, sometimes irritates and annoys me ;) ) in my journey as a novelist.

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