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Monday, June 8, 2015

Excerpt: Blindsight by Susan Peterson Wisnewski / @pumpupyourbook @spwwrites

Title: BlindSight
Author: Susan Peterson Wisnewski
Publisher: SPW Writes
Release Date: April 13, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense

Life is already bad enough after Tisha Adams loses both her job and her beautiful Manhattan apartment. Living in a musty garage apartment and working for her uncle in Queens, her life is upended when she witnesses a murder on her train commute.

When the body disappears, she teams up with Detective Murphy, a man with mysterious abilities. But Tisha is keeping a secret of her own, a skill she’s always hated and feared. The dead speak to her. And if she touches a person, their past, present and future are revealed to her.

But as the body count rises, and those closest to Tisha are drawn into the nightmare, Tisha’s only choice is to reach out to her estranged grandmother to learn more about her intuitive talents. In a race against the clock to rescue those in danger and solve the murders, she’ll need all her abilities. Even the gift she’s been afraid to use. The dead will speak, but only if she’s willing to listen.

The train stopped at Bellerose Station. The conductor announced a minor delay while the doors remained closed. I wanted to start a conversation with Sven, but what would I say? Hey, did you see the way that guy’s chest blew open when he got shot? Or perhaps I could start with, what a way to start your morning, murder before breakfast? Not good conversation. I remanded silent. Finally, two young uniformed officers approached the train and tapped on the door.

The conductor opened the doors and signaled us to follow him. Sven's sister joined us.

“Morning, what's going on?” the taller of the two officers asked.

“At approximately 5:52 am, a Caucasian male, mid 30's, approached same. It appeared there was an altercation. The man who initiated the shouting pulled out a weapon, more than likely a Beretta, and shot the second man in the chest point blank. From that point on, the train took me out of view and I called the incident in,” Sven replied.

My jaw dropped. He was smart and gorgeous.

“So are you law enforcement?” the police officer asked.

“Studying to be a lawyer,” he answered.

Yeah, it is going to be my day. Handsome, tall, smart and a lawyer; he was a catch. What more could a girl ask for?

Susan Peterson Wisnewski is an indie author from the northeast. She writes thrillers and paranormal with a sprinkling of chick lit and horror.

From a cruncher of numbers to a stringer of words, she decided it was time to follow her dreams and put down on paper all of those stories that floated around in her head. Raised in New York City and Long Island, she is a consummate shopaholic having been given the gift of style from her mother and grandmother. When not writing, she can be found shopping, visiting museums, gardening, or being walked by her oversized puppy.

Her books are a genre mix all neatly packaged together. Surprise and twists keep her readers guessing and she has been accused of writing books that can’t be put down. Pushing characters to challenges themselves is her trademark as is a creating strong female characters – no damsels in distress here. Her inspiration comes from seeing a situation and then enhancing it to create an unusual story line. And yes, she does see ghosts, or spirits as they prefer to be called and has had her run ins with a fairy or two.

If you have a book club and live on Long Island or in the Southern Vermont area, she’d be happy to come for a visit.

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