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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review: Never to Hope by Aimie Grey / @Bookenthupromo @aimiegrey

Title: Never to Hope
Author: Aimie Grey
Publisher: Insanity Press
Release Date: April 30, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
ARC Received From: Book Enthusiast Promotions

As the daughter of addicts, Alissa Ross is determined to break the cycle for herself and others like her. After years of following a set of carefully laid plans and working a demeaning job to save enough money, her lifelong goal of attending law school is almost within reach.

Alissa believed that love was out of the question for her…that is until the day Carter Smith moves in to her apartment building. From their first meeting, there’s an undeniable connection between them, and Alissa slowly begins to trust that it’s okay to hope for happiness in her life. For once everything is looking up, but as she has learned all too well, when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Will Alissa be able to trust the man who has everything to gain from destroying the only thing she’s ever wanted, or will she accept it is better never to hope?

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Alissa's dreams for a better future for kids like her wasn't just admirable, it was downright amazing. She didn't let the decision her parents made for her years ago ruin her. Instead, she stood up and stood tall, determined she would not let another child go through the kind of hell she'd endured, and set out to make that goal happen. Her approach was different than some would expect, but who am I to judge? Not all grocery clerks are upstanding citizens, just like not all strippers are sluts and/or addicts.

I can't say her plans went awry when she met Carter. He was definitely an unforeseen complication, but he wasn't a deterrent from her plans. If anything, he was a huge help, even when things went south and his lies were brought to light. He kept her focused, encouraged her in many ways to pursue her dreams regardless, made things right between them by giving up his dreams for hers. But trusting him was hard for Alissa and I didn't blame her. Between his dishonesty and lying by omission, I wondered how long she'd stay with him, if staying him was even worth it.

In his case, actions definitely spoke louder than words. Carter proved over and over again how much he loved Alissa. For as much as he messed up, for as often as he spoke out of turn or didn't speak at all, he never once used his love for her as a means to get her to stay with him. If she needed a reason to stay, that was it. He would never use his feelings for her as a way of getting what he wanted. He would cherish what they had, made sure she knew and felt and understood his love for her would always be real.

The characters aren't perfect. Both Alissa and Carter make mistakes. Both say and think things that aren't warranted. But those faults along with the emotions these characters evoke are why I love this story. As a reader, I need to connect with the characters I read about even if I've never walked a day in their shoes.

This isn't an angst-filled or guilt-riddled or depressing story. It isn't just about friendship and love and dreams of a happily ever after. At its core, it's about finding, loving, and having that one person in your life who gives you the strength to move forward, the determination to make something work, and the drive to make it all happen.

Aimie Grey didn’t read a single book until she was in her early thirties. One fateful day, her friend decided to put an end to the madness and shoved a steamy romance novel under Aimie’s nose. After being forced to read one of “those” scenes, Aimie went home and bought the book, and the next one, and the one after that. In the two years since, Aimie has read close to four hundred books. Somewhere along the way, she became frustrated with reading repetitive stories revolving around the experienced man seducing the still virginal woman. Aimie decided to take matters into her own hands and wrote her debut full length romance novel Never to Keep.

In addition to her day job as an IT system administrator, and her new evening gig as a writer, Aimie’s primary role in life is wife and mother. Aimie lives in the Midwest with her husband and two teenage daughters.

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