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Monday, August 31, 2015

Review: A Sweet Possibility by Natalie Charles / @indiesagepromo @tallie_charles

Title: A Sweet Possibility
Series: Archer Cove, Book 2
Author: Natalie Charles
Publisher: Cranberry Press
Release Date: August 18, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
ARC Received From & Reviewed For: IndieSage PR

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Life tastes better with chocolate... 

All baker Jessica Mallory wants is a modest thigh gap. And her own chocolate shop. And to marry Quinn Rogerson, the man of her dreams. Too bad Quinn just dumped her, leaving her on her front steps in a hideous chartreuse dress. Now, Jessie clings to one hope: she can win Quinn back, if only she can become the woman he's looking for.

Enter Nate Lancaster, Quinn's hot best friend and a personal trainer. If anyone can whip Jessie's soft form into jaw-dropping shape, it's him. Good thing Jessie and Nate are in that safe "just friends" category. Otherwise, things could get complicated – fast. For Nate, it was love at first sight. But Jessie's got her gaze fixed squarely on Quinn. Still, Nate can't pass up the chance to help Jessie with her self-improvement plan, even if she's got another man in mind. After all, minds can be changed, and Nate's never shied from a challenge…

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Okay. Am I the only one who thought that Jessie's drunk speech at her cousin's baby shower was hilarious? I could not stop laughing! And the whole time I was laughing, I kept thinking, "Oh my God, I'd totally do the same thing!"

Why? Because in the glaring light of everyone's successes, my own inadequacies, failures, and shortcomings are painfully brought to my attention. That's where Jessie was at this point in her life.

She had an okay relationship with a guy who's priority was work. She had a good job at a bakery where the chocolates she specialized in making were appreciated by customers. She had a home that wasn't hers. She had a best friend who was around more than her boyfriend. And she felt stuck in her life while everyone she knew was getting married, having babies, and having a family. It's what she wanted so what was she doing wrong?

To me, it wasn't that she was doing anything wrong. All the pieces were there. It was a matter of determining which pieces mattered more than others. What kicked her into gear was when her boyfriend dumped her after his firm's cocktail party. Honestly, I didn't feel heartbroken over that. I got the sense before that (and not because of the synopsis, lol) that he wasn't it for her. Ms. Charles really made that distance between Quinn and Jessie obvious, and I hoped and prayed that she wouldn't for anything get back together with him. She deserved someone who loved her despite her "bakery social skills".

Nate was an all around great guy. While he tried to keep his love for Jessie under wraps, it'd find ways to show up: driving her home, offering to help get her in shape, be a shoulder to cry on after a breakup. Yes, a friend does those things but a friend who feels more than friendship with you does it without question, without expectation of something in return. That's what Nate did. He loved her in his own quiet way because he knew, for the moment, her affections were for someone else. The breakup provided a way for him to finally show Jessie that all she ever needed was right in front of her.

This was a surprisingly sweet/sensual story. Sex was behind closed doors but their affection for one another was very open. It took time for Jessie to see Nate as more than a friend, but I think it was because she was so focused on winning Quinn back that she couldn't see it. Building up to that point of recognition was worth waiting for I think. Her awareness of Nate as more than a friend grew over time, and made her feelings for him more authentic for me.

I loved that this story wasn't so much about going from friends to lovers but about discovering your worth outside of a relationship and learning to see yourself as special, quirks and all, to the one person who mattered. Jessie didn't need a measuring stick to see how well her life was going compared to others. She was right where she needed to be. Add Nate into the mix and she discover the perfect recipe for living a life that was full beyond measure with room for more love and growth than she ever dreamed possible.

The happy sufferer of a lifelong addiction to mystery novels, Natalie has, sadly, yet to out-sleuth a detective. She has worked as an attorney, a playground supervisor, and a makeup sales clerk, but not in that order. She lives in Connecticut with a husband who makes her believe in Happily Ever After and two children who make her believe in miracles.

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