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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Guest Post: Incorporating Real Life into Fiction with Laurin Wittig / @MyFamHrtBookRvw @LaurinWittig

There are so many awesome things about befriending an author online. Newsletters, giveaways, pictures into their life. But, as an avid reader, my favorite is discovering the incorporation of their real life into the stories they write.

Laurin Wittig, bestselling author of historical romances, is with me today to talk about what from her life she put into her story The Devil of Kilmartin.

Thank you for having me today, Miriam!

Most of what I put in this book, The Devil of Kilmartin, that comes from my life comes from a magical five days spent in Scotland with my mother, step-dad, and best friend and fellow author Pamela Palmer, where I did the “on the ground” research for this and most of my subsequent books. I had already chosen the Temple Wood stone circle in the Kilmartin Glen as the place where Symon and Elena would meet and I got to spend a day in the glen, including a visit to Temple Wood.

In the original version of The Devil of Kilmartin I had Elena hiding in a burial cist in the center of the circle. My mom insisted I get in the cist to experience this event and I quickly realized it would give no cover to Elena, so upon returning home I revised the scene.

On that same trip Pam and I hiked up a steep hill to Carnasserie Castle where it sat overlooking the Kilmartin Glen. I used my experience on that hike to describe Elena’s first glimpses of Kilmartin Castle, which I set right where Carnasserie sits today.

The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feel of the places we visited on that trip continue to show up in my books, helping me to bring the setting alive for both my characters and my readers. I can’t wait to return to Scotland!


Now I know why it was so easy to visualize where Elena was in the story! Scotland sounds amazing. I hope to visit one day and see this place you used for your story. Thank you so much for coming by today, Laurin!

If you haven't read this story yet, find out more about it below. And if you have, tell me, isn't the new cover absolutely gorgeous?

Title: The Devil of Kilmartin
Series: Kilmartin Glen, Book 1
Author: Laurin Wittig
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: September 2010
Genre: Historical, Romance

In the dark of night, Elena of Lamont must flee her home after her father's death to escape the brutal clansman determined to satisfy his lust for power -- and for her. But as the captivating beauty runs from one dangerous man she finds herself landing in the arms of another, one whose passionate embrace offers perils of its own...

As the chief of the Lachlan clan, Symon MacLachlan vows to protect the fiery-haired lass whose gentle touch relieves the demons clawing at his soul. Despite her fierce denials, he is certain Elena is the legendary Lamont healer -- and certain that he must have her for his own. Desperate for her soothing caress -- and unable to quell the desire burning inside him -- Symon is compelled to lure Elena into marriage. But will he be able to win the love of the tender enchantress who has stolen his heart?

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Laurin Wittig is a Kindle Top Ten bestselling, award-winning author of exhilarating historical romances. She loves to set her stories amid the conflicts and mystical culture of the Scottish Highlands. Readers say, “Great stories with magical mystery.” Romantic Times says, “She’s well on her way to becoming one of the genre’s finest storytellers.”

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