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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Review: An American Cowboy in Scotland by Em Taylor / @MyFamHrtBookRvw @emtaylor_3

Title: An American Cowboy in Scotland
Author: Em Taylor
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 25, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Comedy, Romance
ARC Received From & Reviewed For: My Family's Heart Book Reviews

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As Rhona Lorimer waits for her new boss to arrive, she reckons things can’t get much worse. The manager of the Scottish estate has to explain to her new American boss that the estate is in ruins and there’s no money left. When the drop dead gorgeous cowboy turns up in full Highland regalia, looking like he fell off a shortbread tin, Rhona knows she has her work cut out.

The locals don’t take to Lord Cole Macallan, so Rhona feels obliged to show him hospitality. But the guy is hot. Can Rhona fight her feelings for her new boss as their worlds collide and they discover just how much Scotland and America are two countries divided by a common language… but brought together by mutual passions?

Cole and Rhona begin as boss and employee, but one kiss is all it takes to change their relationship. While Cole, being an American, isn't feeling the love from the locals, Rhona is doing her best to make him feel welcome. The banter between them as they got to know one another made me smile and laugh. They were an ideal match for one another, both stubborn and passionate about Cole's manor and, thank God, too smart to back away from the attraction sizzling between them.

Fast paced, funny, and real, this is a story that many readers will lose themselves in if just for an hour or so. This is one those stories that just about anyone could love. Sweet and sensual collide with fire and passion. Cultural differences didn't matter in the end to Cole and Rhona because passion and love aren't bound by them. They exist in the heart, and Cole and Rhona's hearts were large enough to include each other.

My first book by Ms. Taylor and it won't be my last.

Em lives in the small village of Dundonald (which features in An American Cowboy in Scotland) in Ayrshire, Scotland. She regularly visits Dundonald Castle for coffee, cakes, inspiration and chat. When she’s not writing historical, contemporary and vampire romances, she’s trotting around the country to film and TV conventions, hob-nobbing with celebrities and avoiding housework.

Em is still waiting for her own Colonel Brandon to come along but since she’s sick of kissing frogs, she’s quite content to hog the TV remote and have the whole sofa to herself. 


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