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Friday, September 18, 2015

Review: Act Accordingly by C.E. Hanson / @Bookenthupromo @CynthiaEHansen

Title: Act Accordingly
Author: C.E. Hansen
Publisher: TomCinKat Publishing
Release Date: July 16, 2014
Genre: Contemporary, Comedy, Romance
ARC Received From & Reviewed For: Book Enthusiast Promotions

Twenty-six-year-old Nic Maretta is having a bad year.

She just found out that the man she was in love with and planned to marry is just that, married. So she does what any normal woman would do. She gets drunk, brushes herself off and swears off love forever.

She is thankful to have a best friend that not only loves her, but accepts the new ‘Nic’. This new Nic has decided to live life on her own terms, mocking convention; as well as her own situations. It’s goodbye heartache and hello sexual freedom. After all, what’s good for the goose, is good for the woman who likes sex! Or something along those lines.

Until she accidently bumps into Brendon…

He is immediately taken in by her beauty and tenacity. She is instantly turned on by his good looks and sex appeal.

One crazy night, one too many champagnes and way too many phone contacts, Nic throws caution to the wind and calls Brendon. To her surprise he comes running.

Game on!

You have to meet Nic. She's newly single after discovering the man she'd been dating was married with, get this, a kid! Seriously? I wish I could, "Only in fiction," but I can't. Not from personal experience but I see enough sordid tales on the news to know that this actually happens in real life. And while some women might be driven to revenge, Nic was driven to drink. Nothing wrong with that. *grins*

But this minor hiccup doesn't lessen her appeal. Aside from her physical beauty, she had this inner beauty that seeped through the pages, made me like her and want to befriend her. Her resolve to never let another man hurt her was admirable, albeit normal given the circumstance.

So how does one recover from a bad breakup, after one drinks the heartache away and swear off men? By being cautious and wary of other men who show any interest in them. Which was what Nic did when she met Brendon.

Admittedly, he didn't wow me at first. *makes a face* My bad for not taking him at face value, although I think it was strictly away of coping with his appearance given how much of Nic I already knew. Her heartache and hurt were real. Her refusal to take a chance on him at first made sense. Except when it got really frustrating. By then, I wondered if Brendon would keep waiting, keep persisting given how much she jumped to conclusions and assumed.

But, again, it seemed a normal reaction (to me) given what she'd gone through.

Ms. Hanson has a way with words. Her writing is very descriptive (that may not be okay with some readers); she paints pictures with her words, something I don't encounter often with a contemporary novel. I haven't ready any of her other books  and I wonder if this writing style is normal for her? If so, I'll have to buy something else of hers to read. If not, I hope she writes another story with this much detail and intensity.

While this is a long novel (472 pages on Kindle) it's worth reading. I lost myself in Nic's world, slightly uncertain as to what she'd do next but growing increasingly eager to watch her fall in love again.

C.E. Hansen is an American writer. She also writes under the pseudonyms C.E. O'Brien for her young adult series, Hero. The first installment UNLIKELY HERO is available on Amazon.
C.E. wrote her first romance novel at age fourteen when she discovered writing about boys and girls was way easier than actually having a relationship of her own. Since that time, her communication skills haven't improved, but she likes to think her writing has. After earning an associates degree in literature from WC, she worked in a bus company, a law office and a wine/gourmet food shoppe, but she never abandoned writing.
She's a proud mother of a beautiful daughter, lives in New Jersey with her husband and Maltese Zoe, and if she's not working on her latest sexy story, you can find her reading, watching cable television, or indulging in her unhealthy addiction to chocolate.
C.E. Hansen's debut novel IT'S A CRIME was released May 2013, her follow up novel IT'S A SHAME, was released November 11th, 2013 Her newest book, ACT ACCORDINGLY was just released July 16, 2014.
If you want to read more posts like this one or follow her insane journey to debut authorhood, you can find her here...indulging in her passions...
Whether they be writing, eating chocolate, or talking with friends on Twitter and Facebook...

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