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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Review & Excerpt: Thigh High by Bonnie Edwards / @MyFamHrtBookRvw @BonnieEdwards

Title: Thigh High
Author: Bonnie Edwards
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: September 4, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, Romance
ARC Received From & Reviewed For: My Family's Heart

In this erotically charged novella Kat Hardee becomes involved in the bet of her lifetime…

Being young, divorced, broke and in college, has made Kat leery of putting herself in the path of the next great guy. But she’s crushed on her neighbor, Taye Connors, since he moved in and would love nothing more than to catch his eye.

But her man-hungry girlfriend has also suddenly set her sights on him.

Rather than lose her chance with quiet, nerdy Taye, Kat accepts the challenge to get him naked. This weekend!

To save him from her predatory friend, shy and skittish Kat must seduce the one and only man she’s interested in.

Taye Connors wants to make up for lost time with his sweet next-door neighbor.  He’s a man who takes his time and wants nothing more than a real and loving relationship. In fact, he insists on it.

But when innocent Kat turns into a vixen who sells sex toys wearing too-hot-handle thigh high stockings, he has to wonder what he’s in for: A sex kitten or his one true soulmate.

After a series of missteps and miscommunication, Kat and Taye come to terms with who they really are and what they want for themselves and each other.

Hmm... So, there are two...catalysts (I think that's the right word) in this story. The first is when Kat's man-eating friend Celia challenges her to get their possibly sexy neighbor naked by the weekend. Kat's had her eye on Taye for a while. If she loses the bet and Celia sinks her claws in him, Kat knows there's no way Taye would ever be interested in her. Or so she believes.

The second catalyst is when Taye accidentally receives a box with black fishnet thigh highs and a double-headed dildo that were meant for his oh-so-sweet neighbor Kat. The dildo, he finds out, isn't for her but the thigh highs are. He has a thing for them and an urgent need to see them on her. With stilettos. *grins*

Okay. Now, truthfully, I thought this was going to be a fast read with almost 75-90% of the book covering Taye and Kat's bedroom adventures. But it wasn't. There was honest to God attraction between them. And there were emotions too. I mean, their hearts were just as invested as their bodies which made their separation more painful than I anticipated. Mind you, it was because Kat mumbled about winning that stupid bet and Taye assuming instead of asking, but still. The fact that they were both hurting and angry and emotional meant what they shared was more than physical.

I liked this story. It wasn't just sex. It was a relationship, heart and mind, body and, hopefully, soul. It's short, fast-paced, but there is depth to Taye and Kat I wasn't expecting. Well done, Ms. Edwards. I hope to read more of what you have written and will write.

Taye climbed out of his SUV and headed to the door of his town house, briefcase in hand. He bent and picked up a package left on his front step. Wrapped in cozy brown cords, he had a great butt, even from this distance, and Kat found several ways a day to see it. From her back upstairs window she’d watch him put out bird seed. Through his tiny kitchen window she’d catch glimpses of him making dinner.

“He’s not a nerd,” Kat said in his defense. “I’m willing to bet under that tweed jacket is a lot of man.”

“You think?” Celia assessed him with her man-hungry eyes.

Kat shifted. A second mistake. Taye’s physique was not up for discussion, not with Celia. She was a shark when it came to getting what she wanted.

Multi-published author Bonnie Edwards lives with her husband and pets on the rainy coast of British Columbia. She believes life should be lived with joy. That joy shows up in her earthy, irreverent love stories. Bonnie uses long hikes to bounce ideas off her husband and her standard poodle, who almost always agrees with her.

She has written novels, novellas and short stories for Carina Press, Harlequin, Kensington Books and Robinson (UK) although now she publishes her work herself.

Sometimes her stories have a paranormal twist, likes curses and ghosts, other times not. But they’re always entertaining and guarantee a happy ending.


  1. Miriam...such a lovely review! Thanks so much for taking the time to post your thoughts on Thigh High. It means more than you think. Yes, I write fast-paced stories with a little humor, but I try, really try to include heart in everything. I so appreciate you seeing it. Cheers and thanks a ton!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful review and for participating in the Tour. Victoria at My Family's Heart