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Friday, January 15, 2016

Review: One-Eyed Dukes Are Wild by Megan Frampton / @TastyBookTours @meganf

Series & Title: Dukes Behaving Badly, Book 3: One-Eyed Dukes Are Wild
Author: Megan Frampton
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: December 29, 2015
Genre: Historical, Romance
ARC Received From: Edelweiss
Reviewed For: Tasty Book Tours

When does proper behavior deserve a deliciously improper reward?

The scandalously unmarried Lady Margaret Sawford is looking for adventure-and is always up for a challenge. Her curiosity is aroused by a dangerous-looking stranger with an eye patch, an ideal companion for the life she longs for, no matter what Society might say. So when the piratical gentleman turns out to be a duke-and just as boringly proper as any other nobleman-she can’t help but incite him to walk on the wild side.

Well-heeled, well-mannered, and well beyond any interest in society’s expectations, the Duke of Lasham is tired of being perfect. Margaret’s lush beauty and gently laughing eyes are an irresistible temptation to embrace the imperfect-and her. But if a little misbehavior is appealing, unleashing his wild side is completely seductive-as long as the lovely Margaret is the object of his passion…

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Lady Margaret is on the shelf, on her own, and she likes it that way. She plays cards better than any woman I've read about in historical romances, is far more outspoken than some young miss looking to rebel against her parents, rescues women in distress, and doesn't give one inkling about propriety. After all, it never did anything for her except almost condemn her to a lifelong commitment to a man she didn't care to marry. Almost.

The Duke of Lasham is everything Margaret thumbs her nose at. He is the epitome of propriety. He is the ideal Duke. He is responsible, unwavering, busy...and boring. And very unhappy though, it seems, he has no idea why. He has everything a man in his position could want and need. So why feel that way at all when the world was at his fingertips?

Margaret and Lasham make an unlikely pair. His eye patch made him appear intimidating but Margaret found out that was only intimidating thing about him. Well, his title was too but that's neither here nor there. Margaret appeared every inch a refined lady until Lasham "rescues" her on one of her missions to help an abused woman. There's a wildness to her that stays can't contain. Society's expectations of proper misses doesn't phase her; she ignores them completely and does what needs to be done, which, for reasons he can't name, doesn't sit well with Lasham at all.

This is probably the first historical romance I've read where the female lead exhibits more modern behavior. What I mean is, she is what I'd find in a contemporary romance, not an historical one. Odd, yes, but not a detriment for me.

A warning to those of you looking for fast, hot, and, well, hot. This isn't it. Lasham and Margaret's story is very slow. They begin as strangers and move onto friends. The attraction simmers then burns. Their love grows as Lasham takes one cautious step after another as he lets Margaret show him how to live life without losing himself in his title. A great story from beginning to end. The romance is subtle and, for me, wasn't as important as Lasham's discovery of who he should be and who he could be was.

Megan Frampton writes historical romance under her own name and romantic women’s fiction as Megan Caldwell. She likes the color black, gin, dark-haired British men, and huge earrings, not in that order. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and son.


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