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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Review: The Kiss of Life by Char Sharp / @CBadder2 @Charsharp1

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Title: The Kiss of Life
Series: Soul Mate Rescued, Book 1
Author: Char Sharp
Publisher: Char Sharp Media LLC
Release Date: June 7, 2015
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense, Romance
ARC Received From & Reviewed For: CBB Productions

The terrorist murdered her husband, and now, thirteen months later, they’re after her. She never expected to be rescued—especially by the infamous, United States Senator John Cole—former Navy SEAL war hero, sexy, billionaire businessman, and womanizer.

The two not only find themselves thrown smack dab in the middle of a political,  national security intrigue—they find an instant attraction to one another that’s both baffling and undeniable. He can’t stay away from her, and she finds it hard to pull away from the first person to make her feel alive in over a year.

The danger, mystery and heart pounding suspense will keep you on edge and turning the pages.  You’ll feel the love in each kiss, the heart break of loss, but you’ll also enjoy the sizzling chemistry and humorous banter between Elizabeth and John in this heart-warming love story.

The Kiss of Life is a contemporary romantic suspense story about a young widow who must overcome the grief of losing the only man she ever loved, the guilt of loving another man at first sight, learning to trust that man to help her stay alive and be instrumental in saving the United States from imminent harm.

The Kiss of Life is the first book in a trilogy, Soul Mate Rescued, and each novel stands alone. No cliffhanger. However, two popular characters, Cooper and Steele, will have his own novel.

Action, adventure, suspense, and romance. Well, second chance romance which made it even better.

The sting of loss is still fresh in Elizabeth's life, even though her husband's been gone over a year and even though she's grieved him for just as long. Knowing he was the only one she ever loved made her loss that much more palpable. And I do mean loss. Because she loses everything: job, home, everything she shared and created with her late-husband. And then her life is in danger as she's hunted by the same men who killed her husband.

Seriously? I kept wondering if it could get any worse for the poor woman.

But things started to look up when Sen. John Cole entered the picture. He became her protector, doing everything in his power to keep her safe while others looked into the threat looming over her.

The attraction between Elizabeth and John was instantaneous, deep, and raw. It took them both by surprise, knocked them sideways, then pulled them upright into a world where they consumed one another. And it was awesome! *grins* Elizabeth experienced love again and John experienced it for the first time. It was intense and left me cheering for them even through the chaos of their current situation.

I enjoyed this story, immensely. The action, suspense, and adventure were just right, but it was John and Elizabeth's awareness of each other, their want and desire for one another, the urgency to hold onto what they found in each other that really grabbed me and made the title make sense to me. It wasn't that John and Elizabeth hadn't experienced or lived life before meeting, but rather meeting brought them back to life and gave them a chance to live life again.

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Char Sharp writes contemporary romantic suspense novels with a touch of mystery. Her main objective is to entertain and enthrall her readers by writing emotionally romantic suspense stories with a protective alpha hero and a strong heroine who’s perfectly capable of protecting herself and smart enough to know when to accept protection.

An avid reader, writing started in college with poems and short stories and has morphed into her true passion—novels. She loves to listen to her characters and tell their stories. Char studied music and business at Troy University, and with her love of music, she enjoys weaving a little music into her writing. She is a member of Romance Writers of America.

Char and her husband are the proud parents and grandparents of three grown children and five grandsons. She lives in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia USA with her husband, and a Ragdoll cat named Purrcy. Retired from the computer software industry, Char enjoys more time to write and also play with her grandsons.

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