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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Review: Sugar by Olivia L. Thomas / @SBelleBookblog @author_oliviaL

Title: Sugar
Series: A Love Lane Short, Book 2
Author: Olivia L. Thomas
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: March 20, 2016
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
ARC Received From & Reviewed For: Southern Bell Promotions

Danielle Reed has always been the responsible one in her family. Work hard, follow the rules, and arrive on time—these are the traits she thought would bring her life meaning and purpose.

She was wrong.

On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Danielle finds herself alone—well, as long as you don’t count the two bottles of wine by her side—and rethinking the path she has chosen for herself.

She wants more: passion, whimsy, excitement.

How does a self-professed uptight businesswoman learn to let go and finally find her bliss?

She drinks more wine.

And she meets Connor Davis.

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Thirty. The Big Three-Oh. Over the hill.

Once upon a time, thirty was a really big deal for a woman. I used to hear how women dreaded it, how they didn't want to get old, how thirty meant they were past their prime.

I'm thirty-four. Thirty, honestly, wasn't a big deal to me. It was another number, another tally mark symbolizing how long I've been on this planet.

Dani, thankfully, learned that lesson by the end of this story. Her outlook doesn't start out all positive and sunshine and rose gardens. Her life, according to her, is pretty bleak. She's a total workaholic who cherished her privacy so much she's kind of a loner at her job. But where, exactly, have the long hours and job dedication gotten her? What have they gotten her?

Not where she wants to be or what she wants to have.

This isn't about finding lust and love with the most unlikeliest of people. It isn't about hot sex and commitment. It isn't about acquiring a new moniker, although "Sugar" ranks up there with "Sweetheart" when it comes to pet names bestowed on one by a lover. See, for me, this a tale of self-realization and self-discovery.

Whatever road you're on, you don't have to stay on it. Dedication, devotion, loyalty, etc., are all incredible things to have and feel for a job. But make time for what matters: family, friends, love, interests. It isn't always about getting ahead. It isn't always about always coming out on top.

It's also about doing for you.

Oh, and remembering, acknowledging, and accepting age really is just a number.

...my age doesn't define me as a person or how I feel. It's just the chronological representation of my ears on this planet and nothing more. My age is not who I am.
(Dani, Kindle ARC, Loc 1010)

With a vivid imagination Olivia has been writing short stories ever since she could hold pen to paper.

Now a busy working mother of two rambunctious little girls she squeezes in time to write whenever she can. You will often find scraps of paper filled with story notes in every nook and cranny of her home.

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