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Monday, March 21, 2016

Review: The Road To Winterhill by Gloria Gay / @MyFamHrtBookRvw @gloria_gay_

Title: The Road to Winterhill
Author: Gloria Gay
Publisher: Kindle Direct
Release Date: January 10, 2016
Genre: Historical, Romance
ARC Received From & Reviewed For: My Family's Heart

In the silence of St. George’s Cathedral, the clergyman’s voice rang out unnaturally loud: “Do you, Richard Branston, Earl of Berrington, take this woman, Belinda Presleigh, of Hunsley Manor, as your lawful wedded wife, to love and honor until death do you part?”

The few wedding guests crowding around them waited for Berrington’s response which was long in coming. Belinda saw their smirks and heard their muffled laughter.

She felt the sting of tears in her eyes at the long pause and realized she could not undo what she had done. The awful deed had come to roost in her heart.

She wished he would say no. She’d rather be jilted than that awful hesitation in which everyone looked at each other, some with smirks of “I told you so.”

Finally, Lord Berrington’s voice rang out—loud, impatient and clear: “I do.”


Society shuns Belinda Presley when her mother’s scheme results in a forced offer of marriage from Richard Branston, the Earl of Berrington, the man she loves in secret.

Warm conversations during the day and passionate nights of love at night on their three-days’ journey give Belinda the only happiness she has ever known. Yet on arriving at Winterhill, Belinda feels the family’s animosity, as the earl, unaware of the danger she leaves her in and still resentful, returns to London.

Her only friend, Lord Wilbur, and solitary walks, are her solace, but Belinda’s enemies’ hatred soon place her in extreme peril.
Meet Belinda. She's rather plain, forgettable, and in love with a neighbor she's never met. (Sounds weird but the differences in their social status kept them apart.) She's the victim of a mother's desperation and schemes. She's the unwanted new wife of the neighbor she's loved.

Richard, the neighbor, is an Earl. He had no plans of marrying (ever) and the fact that he ends up married doesn't sit well with him. At. All. He's furious that he's been tricked, downright disdainful at tying himself to a no-name Miss. But here he is, there she is. It is what it is.

What ensues isn't really a battle of wills but a struggle to survive despite the odds. It was about learning to stand on your own two feet even after being abandoned, belittled, and made miserable in your new life. But it was also about accepting, eventually, that sometimes what you need is what you didn't what, that the life you have isn't as full as you thought it was.

Most of this story is spent with Belinda and the...torment she suffers at the hands of the ton. It's not literal but... It's the ton. If you haven't read a Regency England romance yet, it's an interesting scene with gossiping biddies (of all ages) where status and rank are important but so is watching your back. That woman you befriended last week's probably scheming to steal your husband while that man in the corner is looking for the next debutante to ruin.

I liked this story. It was entertaining and, at times, evocative. It was a good read for a quiet afternoon for me, and a wonderful showing of what it means for love to grow where it didn't exist.

Author Gloria Gay’s love of painting and writing has always been entwined in her life. Her debut novel, First Season, earned a four-star review from Romantic Times Book Review. She recently published a new, expanded version of First Season under the title, LOVE IN A DANGEROUS SEASON.

Recently, Boroughs Publishing Group published her Regency historical romances, Scandal at Almack’s and Lovely Little Liar.

Gloria published a new edition of First Season under the title, LOVE IN A DANGEROUS SEASON, as well as ENCHANTED SUMMER, a Regency romance and A BRIDGE THROUGH TIME, a time travel romance.

Gloria and her husband Enrique, an architect, have three grown children and six grand-children and they are lucky to have them all living near them in San Diego, California.


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