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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Finding My Highlander by Aleigha Siron / @cw1985 @AleighaSiron

Title: Finding My Highlander
Author: Aleigha Siron
Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing
Release Date: May 4, 2016
Genre: Time Travel (Modern to Historical), Romance

On a windswept cliff above San Francisco Bay in 2013, 27 year-old Andra Cameron, the last member of her family, prepares to scatter her family's ashes to the wind. An earthquake catapults her to the Scottish Highlands in 1705. She wakes, aching and bloody, to the sound of horses thundering through the trees. Terrified and with no other options, Andra accompanies these rugged warriors. She can't deny the undeniable attraction that ignites between herself and the handsome but gruff Kendrick. Will she trust him to provide protection in the harsh reality of 18th century Scotland and with her secret, or will she find a way to return home to the 21st century?

Laird Kendrick MacLean and his men, escaping a recent skirmish with their worst nemeses, clan Cameron and their Sassenach allies, are shocked to find an injured, unprotected female in their path. How could she not know her kin and how had she landed in the middle of the wilderness alone? His men suspect she's a spy or a witch. Still, Kendrick will not abandon an injured woman, even if she speaks unusually accented English, and her name is Cameron. Will he ransom her to others or will their closed hearts open to each other? Although he questions her every utterance, this feisty, outspoken woman inflames his desire like no other.


...She quickly stripped to her underwear and stepped onto the rocky edge while unhooking her bra. A sudden movement of water from the shadows at the back of the pool caused Andra to scream. She lost her footing and stumbled forward.

Emerging from the shadows, Kendrick moved toward her at lightning speed catching her with one hand braced against a shoulder and the other pressed firmly against one breast. Their eyes latched for a few seconds while she struggled to regain her balance. Her hands splayed across his hard, bare chest, the touch scorching. His fingers flexed, increasing the pressure against her flesh. A shocking fire ignited in her; her lips parted as if in invitation before her rational mind and self-preservation kicked into full gear.

Regaining her senses, Andra moved to Kendrick’s right, lifted her right leg, and with as much strength as she could muster, slashed her foot into the back of his knee. At the same time, she quickly thrust her arms up and out to break his hold on her body and yelled—stop!

Kendrick lost his footing and fell back with a splash. Andra didn’t wait to assess possible injury. She jumped out of the water, grabbed her things, and made a wild dash outside. The cover of pine trees where she had previously scattered her family’s ashes provided a shelter of sorts, a spot removed where she could calm herself.

“Damn, damn, damn, and bloody damn!” Andra sputtered and gasped, dancing about from one foot to the other as a fine drizzle turned into a full-fledged downpour while she tried to gain her senses and pull on her clothes.

When she fell into Kendrick’s arms, her whole body had burned with desire. “What is wrong with me? I’m in the middle of Scotland in God knows what time period with a virile man who sets me on edge with his every glance. Why am I behaving like a foolish teenager?” She didn’t ponder that question further. On edge hardly described the heat she felt in his presence. She needed to stay calm and focused on finding a way to return home, not fantasize about a hot Highlander from the wilds of Scotland.


After more than twenty years writing and delivering management and other training programs for modest-sized to Fortune Five Hundred companies, and ten years developing community crisis-intervention training programs, Aleigha turned her writing efforts to her first loves, fiction, and poetry. Her poetry has appeared in numerous anthologies and university presses over the past few decades. Following a difficult period in her life, she discovered solace in romance novels that inspired her to write in this genre. As she says, "who doesn't desire a guaranteed happy-ever-after scenario?" Always interested in the concept of time-travel, she knew her first few stories would follow that theme.

When not writing, her trusty four-legged companion/helper, Strider, accompanies her on sunset walks along the shore. During these quiet walks under an expansive sky, with the whoosh of waves across the sand and her gaze drifting over the rolling sea, her best glimmers of inspiration come to mind. Following the recent discovery of distant Scottish ancestors, she embarked on a trip to the Highlands. Although she had already developed the characters for Finding My Highlander, her trip to the Highlands enriched the characters and enhanced the story direction. This is her first full-length romance novel. Aleigha is working on a prequel to Finding My Highlander, and another time-travel novel set in a later period.

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  1. This book sounds like something I'd really enjoy reading, thank you for sharing!