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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Excerpt: Crow by Alexa Kim / @XpressoReads

Series & Title: Life Tree - Master Trooper, Book 2: Crow
Author: Alexa Kim
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: July 25, 2016 (English version)
Genre: Sci-Fi, Erotic, Romance

Crow has a lot on his plate as the new head of Sector A. Young and inexperienced as he is in his leading role, he still has to prove himself as a capable Alpha. Especially Strike is challenging him for rank.

Yet Crow is adamant about asserting his position, because only as Alpha can he finally have what has been out of his reach for so long – Leslie, a doctor and former head of Life Tree’s INBREED program.

Unfortunately for him, Leslie herself doesn’t make it any easier. Three years his senior, she still regards him as the young Trooper who qualified for INBREED. In her book, that’s two reasons not to let him into her bed.

When Strike catches on to Crow’s weakness and abducts Leslie, both men are out for blood…

Leslie is traumatized. In the blink of an eye, her world was turned upside down. She has gone from being a self-confident woman and head of INBREED to being property of a Trooper.

Although she likes Crow and feels drawn to him already, she simply cannot forgive him for trying to make her submit only so he can strengthen his position as Alpha and leader. Moreover, there is this secret she keeps… the reason she left Earth. If Crow were to find out, he would certainly cast her aside – a bitter experience Leslie has been through before. No, she’d rather ignore her feelings…


- Leslie -
I snort indignantly and shake my head. That’s overkill. “Listen, Crow. I’ve always liked you… but I’m not into you like that. I kind of thought of you as a younger brother.”
Now he’s really pissed off; that was definitively not what Crow wanted to hear. His blue eyes turn to ice. He’s standing completely still, but I can see the tension in his whole body. Good lord, it almost makes me wish he wasn’t like a brother to me! He is by far the most attractive man I have ever met with his strikingly handsome features, the slightly curly black hair reaching almost to his shoulders, and those bright blue eyes. He’s simply perfect – quite unlike myself. Nothing about me is perfect… that’s a fact I try very hard to forget.
“I’m not your brother,” he states calmly, but with an unmistakable edge to his voice.
“No, you’re not… You’re a Master Trooper – a part of my job.” I get up to leave, momentarily forgetting all about being cautious.
Next thing I know, Crow pushes me up against the fridge. It happens so fast I have barely time to register what’s going on. I want to scream, but Crow’s lips are already crashing down on mine, hard and demanding. His body is pressing against me, and I can feel his hard-on against my belly through the thin fabric of my bodysuit. I try to struggle, but Crow is strong enough to completely immobilize me if he wants to – and right now he doesn’t want me to move an inch.
“Leslie… I want you,” he growls in my ear after releasing my lips.
His hair tickles my neck, and I’m startled by the fact that his touch gives me goose bumps. However, I’m even more boggled when I realize it’s not fear that causes my skin to prickle, but a tense anticipation. Although I can’t see it, I know my nipples stand out hard against my bodysuit.
“Crow…” I manage to croak out. Why do I sound unsteady all of a sudden? I gather my thoughts, and make my voice sound calm and even. “Please let go of me… I don’t want this.”
Crow actually releases me, and I try not to be too obvious as I gulp in air. I don’t want him to see how much his attack has thrown me off kilter.
“You do want me, Leslie. You’re trying to fight it, to deny it… but you’ll be mine eventually. You’ve always belonged to me.” His voice is as calm and as steadfast as mine.
“I know what you’re thinking, Crow – that getting the residing Alpha female can only strengthen your new position as Alpha of Sector A.” It’s not easy, but I keep my eyes locked on his.
Unfortunately, Crow does not look away from me either. “That’s true… and a part of me demands exactly that, as my right.” For the first time today, he smiles… but it’s an indulgent smile, the kind a father would show to a child. “However, you forget that a non-negligible portion of my DNA is human. To tell you the truth, I’ve wanted you ever since you asked me to join INBREED.” His hand touches my cheek, traces my skin… Then he takes a lock of my brown hair and rubs it between his fingers. “But you’ve always been out of my reach… untouchable.” His eyes turn hard again. He stops touching me, but doesn’t look away. “You need me, Leslie… in every way. In any case, you’ll be the mate of Sector A’s Alpha… so you should be happy it’s me. Why are you fighting this? When I kissed you just now… you wanted me more than anything.”
I shake my head. “You’re wrong.”
“I’m never wrong about these things… that’s an advantage of the genetic manipulation. I’m just as sure about my choice for a mate as Torn has been.” His voice softens as he’s trying to win me over with reason. “This is a new situation for all of us. But eventually, this will feel perfectly normal for you. We can have everything Torn and Larona have… if you give us a chance, Leslie.”

Alexa Kim is a German author of hot sci-fi and fantasy romance books, usually with a dark touch. She used to be a regular with trade publishers for over ten years before she decided to try and make her own way as an indie author under the pen name Alexa Kim. In 2014, she hit it off with her MASTER TROOPER series, and she’s since been in Germany’s Amazon bestselling list on a regular basis.

When she’s not writing, she’s either indulging her hobby—singing—or spending time with a book and her two cats.

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