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Monday, July 11, 2016

Excerpt: A Twist in Time by Susan Squires / @MyFamHrtBookRvw @susansquires

Series & Title: DaVinci Time Travel Series, Book 2: A Twist in Time
Author: Susan Squires
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: July 19, 2016
Genre: Time Travel (Modern to Historical), Romance

An expert in Leonardo da Vinci’s works, Lucy Rossano recognizes the centuries-old time machine da Vinci said he built the moment she sees it in a Stanford lab. Fascinated in spite of the danger, she uses her knowledge to go back in time—landing in the middle of a fierce battle in tenth-century Britain. Panicked, she escapes to modern-day San Francisco, bringing something back with her: a seductive, fiercely intelligent Viking named Galen.

The presence of this enigmatic, devastatingly sexy stranger is just one of the new complications in Lucy’s life. There are others who want to harness the time machine’s power for treacherous ends, and they need Lucy to do it. Galen becomes first her protector, then the lover she’s always dreamed of. But danger is drawing closer and time is running out. For Galen and Lucy, it’s now…or forever.

Lucy squeezed her eyes shut as though that would stop the headache. Had she been drinking? She never drank to the point of having a hangover.

She was lying on something cold and hard. She blinked her eyes open. Cement. A fluorescent light blared from somewhere close. She smelled oil. She raised her head gin­gerly. Lines were painted on the cement. Parking structure. She was lying in a parking structure. How had she gotten here? She’d had a wild dream. She’d been at Brad’s lab. The machine turned out to be real. One very scary battle in some other time. It all seemed so clear. One hell of a dream.

The parking structure was empty except for one car down at the end that looked like it had been there awhile. A tire was flat. The walls were solid and didn’t give out into open air, so she was underground. She pushed herself up, squinting against her headache.

The machine glinted in the fluorescent light, quiet, heavy, utterly real. And about ten feet to the right of it lay the young bearded guy from another time who’d been wounded in the battle.

Lucy couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t a dream at all. She’d traveled in time and now she was back, though somehow she wasn’t in the lab, and she’d brought something with her, a guy who was Saxon or German or maybe from Camelot. She’d probably just changed the fabric of time or the course of history or something. He’d fallen against her just as she was disappearing. Inconvenient timing. Worse than inconvenient. This was awful.

She eased her bag off her shoulder and crawled over to the man. Was he dead? He was lying in a pool of blood. His chain mail, made of small interlinking loops of metal, was rent over his shoulder and covered with gore. She dared not look closely at the flesh beneath if she wanted to avoid fainting or, worse, vomiting all over him. Even as she reached for his throat to feel for a pulse, he groaned and rolled his head. His helmet clanked against the cement. Okay. He wasn’t dead. Was that good or bad?

She pulled off the helmet. His hair was darkened with sweat and matted against his head. Two small braids hung from his temples. He was at least six feet—probably really tall for back whenever she’d been—and big through the shoulders.

His eyes fluttered open. He muttered something. German? Scandinavian? She couldn’t understand. She shook her head. He tried again. This time he sounded vaguely like a reading of Beowulf she’d studied in college. He tried to raise his head. That made his shoulder ooze redly. Great. Whatever blood he had left would end up on the cement at this rate.


Susan Squires is a New York Times bestselling author known for breaking the rules of romance writing. Whatever her time period, or subject, some element of the paranormal always creeps in. She has won multiple contests for published novels and reviewer's choice awards. Publisher's Weekly named Body Electric one of the year’s most influential mass market books and One with the Shadows a Best book of the Year. Time for Eternity, the first in the DaVinci time travel series, received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly.

Susan has a Masters in English literature from UCLA and once toiled as an executive for a Fortune 500 company. Now she lives at the beach in Southern California with her husband, Harry, a writer of supernatural thrillers, and two very active Belgian Sheepdogs, who like to help her write by putting their chins on the keyboarddddddddddddddddddddddd.


  1. Good Morning, all! Thanks for hosting my blog tour. You'd never know from the excerpt, but this IS actually a love story. And who wouldn't want their very own Viking? But it turns out Vikings can be kind of difficult when plopped down in modern day San Francisco. But Lucy and Galen find a way to communicate, and more than that, a way to bridge their cultural differences to find love. It's one of my favorite books. Enjoy.

    1. You're welcome! And you're right about the excerpt. It sure didn't give me the warm fuzzies, lol, but I was definitely intrigued by it!