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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review: Runaway Road by Mira Day / @BTSPromosPR @miradayauthor

Title: Runaway Road
Author: Mira Day
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: September 11, 2016
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

Have you ever wondered who was in the car next to you? Wondered where they were going and why? A vacation? Business trip? Or is it someone’s only chance to run away…

Brett Myers needs a change; a soul searching move to another city. Walking in on your brother and girlfriend in bed together will do that. So after two weeks of sleeping on a friend’s couch, Texas is his destination. A new town and a new life. He’s ready to start over.

Mia Brown needs a change; a soul-searching trip to her past. More than ready to leave her controlling boyfriend and life in North Carolina, Mia uses this chance for a fresh start. There’s no plan. Just to hit the road, head out West, and never look back.

When their paths cross on a long stretch of Highway 85, these two strangers will learn just how much they need each other to heal.

Brett and Mia are complete strangers. They've never met, probably never would have met if neither had been traveling at the same time to the same general location.

Brett's angry at his ex for cheating on him with his little brother. How's that for an attention grabber? The fact that he walked in on them doing it in the bed he shared with said ex, well, didn't make for a pretty picture. Definitely no wedding bells for this couple and a definite rift between the brothers.

Mia's just...looking. Home hasn't been home since her dad died. A slip of her mother's tongue reveals a secret she was, eventually, supposed to discover. I know nothing of adoption, what it feels like to give up a child or what it feels like to find out your parents aren't really your parents. Mia's emotional upheaval was brutal.

But so were other moments in this story. There's a phone conversation between Brett and the brother that cheated with Brett's ex that left me breathless. There was so much anger in it, so much contempt for his brother I felt like I was the one being yelled at. And there was the hospital moment between Brett and Mia when Brett spoke without thinking and drove Mia away. This particular moment was due, honestly, to horrible timing and miscommunication. The disappointment I felt in Brett and the hurt I felt for Mia made me wonder if their relationship was even salvageable. Both of these situations showcased what great writing Ms. Day can do.

I've never read anything by Ms. Day before and I'm glad I had the chance to review this. Except the part about Mia's mother dying. From cancer. It hit too close to home for me right now and made me cry more than I thought I would. I'm not dealing well with what I know is coming for someone I love who's in the latter stages of cancer so...yeah. This story really broke me for a moment. I'm not sure if I still like Ms. Day or not for that moment. (just kidding. I still like her.)

This is a short story, a little bit predictable, a little fast in some places, drawn out in others. That might be off-putting to some readers. Kinda like reading an erotic romance and the sex scenes are lousy, you know? You know what I mean. Still, I do hope you give it a chance. It's perfect for lunch or a ride across the Bay Bridge or while your kids are napping, and Ms. Day is probably an author you might want to watch out for. The talent and potential are there. The stories she can tell, well, that will be amazing to see.

Mira Day is a Romance writer, born in the Carolinas with a passion for food. She loves the outdoors, NFL football and exclamation points! You'll usually find her working, writing or catching up with Friends on Netflix.

Mira has two Holiday Novellas published, Finding the Christmas Spirit and Choking Cupid and her debut novel, Playing House. After Runaway Road, look for her third book, Bourbon and the Midnight Show, coming Spring of 2017.

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