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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Review: HIS Obsession by Roxie Brock / @ArdentPRose

Collection & Title: The HIS Collection: HIS Obsession
Author: Roxie Brock
Author Links: Facebook | Goodreads | New Release Signup
Publisher: Roxie Brock
Release Date: June 7, 2017
Genre: Contemporary, May/December, Romance
ARC Received From & Reviewed For: Ardent Prose

She is the only thing he's ever wanted, and the one thing he can't have. But one hot night, everything changes. For both of them.



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As modern and forward thinking as many in society consider themselves to be, the idea of a romantic relationship between a step-parent and their step-child is still considered taboo. I'm not sure why. Since they are not blood related, their relationship is as normal as anyone else's. Yet, the stigma remains.

In this short story, Marcus is gone over his stepdaughter Nadine. It's been five years since her mother up and left. Five years of watching her grow from an awkward teenager to a beautiful woman. She's everything he wants and needs. She lives to make him happy. He lives to, well, torture himself with his feelings for her.

What I enjoyed most about this story is Marcus' internal struggle. And it really is a struggle. Ms. Brock did a wonderful job painting with words how tangled Marcus is about everything. But she also did a wonderful job showing how non-conflicted Nadine is about him. She doesn't just push him over the edge of taboo, she gives him permission to accept what lies between them.

I love May/December romances, which was the first appeal of this story, but the DD/lg aspect made me hesitant to read it. But this story grew on me. There is this need, this desire, this want, this must to please one another in this story, to be the best they can be to and for each other that really touched me. The shift in their relationship from step-parent and step-child to lovers might be considered taboo but the love they share isn't. It's real and reinforces the roles they already have in each other's lives, he as her Daddy, she as his little girl.

This is an explicit short story with plenty of heat tempered by heartfelt understandings and acceptances.

Roxie Brock is a California girl who lives in Texas. She looks sweet, but she's actually very naughty. She has a background in social work and now trains therapy horses. His Obsession is her debut story.

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