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Monday, January 8, 2018

Review: New Year's Next Door by Amabel Daniels / @amabel_daniels

Title: New Year's Next Door
Author: Amabel Daniels
Author Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Release Date: December 20, 2017
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Romance
eBook Provided By: Purchased from Evernight Publishing

Ava is eager to say “buh bye” to 2017. After her parents’ health woes, totaled car, deceased pet, and legal worries, what else could go wrong on the last night of December?

Stood up for her friends’ party, all dressed up and no place to go, she returns her secretive neighbor’s escaped dog.

Next door, Caleb’s not faring much better. His career and marriage are over, and the only bright spot in his future is the disobedient dog he’s adopted, until his sexy neighbor turns up on his doorstep.

Caleb extends a neighborly welcome to Ava and their evening is full of banter and candor, a refreshing change for both. The skinny dip in the hot tub to ring in the New Year signals what could be an unexpected and wonderful new beginning—with each other.

I don't know about anyone else, but I can relate to Ava. There was one year not too long ago that just needed to end. It'd been one tragedy after another, and I couldn't wait for the year to end. That was in April.

I do love Ava's attempt at attempting to have one final "Yay!" moment before the year ended, but I hated how her friends treated her and turned that "Yay!" into a "WTF?!" moment instead. They weren't friends at all.

But then she met Polly, Caleb's dog, which inevitably led her to meeting Caleb. They clicked in that insta kind of way without that overwhelming sense of lust or want or desire. While Caleb felt all of that for Ava, it wasn't there for her. Probably because she was never aware of him watching her. It did happen though as they spent the night together, talked and laughed, ate, swam, slept. The intimacy between them seemed natural, odd since they didn't know each other long.

When you know, you know, right?

This story is amazingly sweet despite the heat packed into the second half of the book. I wouldn't classify this as insta-lust or -love. It doesn't carry the weight or urgency those stories do. It's slow and easy, humorous, and, like I already said, sweet with the right amount of heat. A romance to read more than once, and author that I will read more of.

Amabel Daniels lives in Northwestern Ohio with her husband, and their young daughters. Their home is complete with a zoo of three mutts, and three cats. Although she has a graduate education in Ecology, Amabel’s true passion has always been books. As a child, she would tag along after her big brother, building tree forts and playing hide and seek. But if she wasn’t climbing a tree or exploring, she probably had her nose in a book, escaping into the wonderful world of fiction.

As an adult, she continues to satisfy her addiction to books, not only reading them, but critiquing and writing them as well. In her free time from working a full time job at a park district, and chasing after an ambitious and busy toddler, she is busy day-dreaming (brainstorming) her next novel.

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